Hi there! My name is Brett. Welcome to octobanana.com, my personal website.

octobanana.com is a showcase for the software I write, and a place where I can share my ideas and thoughts.

I'm interested in writing about programming, hiking, climbing, and other topics. I plan to discuss the background, usage, and design decisions of my current, and future software projects.

The pictures you see on the site were photographed by me on hikes and climbs mostly in the Canadian Rockies.

The software pages are synced to my git repositories. They show basic git information and the files in the master branch. Some improvements I'd like to add are a general discussion page for each project, an issue tracker, a documentation section, and the ability to open pull requests.


My current computing stack is archlinux > i3 > konsole > zsh > tmux > vim > 2 spaces.

The majority of my projects are written in C++ >=11. I also enjoy programming in C, shell (sh, bash, zsh) and javascript/html/css. In the future, I'd like to become more familiar with haskell and rust.

Some topics that I'm exploring at the moment include networking, such as creating custom application layer protocols on top of tcp, and compiler/interpreter theory.

My goal is to create tools and applications that people find value in.


When I'm not at the keys of my computer, I enjoy playing in the Canadian Rockies. From hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and snowboarding, to guiding white water rafting trips down the Kananaskis river, if it gets the adrenaline going, I'm in!