Below explains some basic principles of interacting with the site.


A nod is a show of stoic acknowledgment or approval.


This site uses an anonymous commenting system. The rules are simple, be respectful of others and conduct yourself in a professional manner. If the rules are broken, depending on the context, your comment may be removed. Repeat violations or total disregard of the rules will lead to a ban lasting from several hours to several days. Please think before you type.

The following is an overview of the input fields.



The name is an optional field. It is the name that will be associated with your comment. If left blank, the name will default to 'anon'. Valid characters are uppercase and lowercase ascii letters a-zA-Z with a maximum length of 255 characters.


The secret key is an optional field. Anyone can choose the same name, and impersonate another user. The secret key is a way to help identify you to other users in a unique way. It will place a unique 8 character string beside your name in your comment. Your secret key should be something unique and hard to guess. On the server, your key will be combined with another key known only to the server and then hashed. To use a secret key, after your name, enter a # character followed by your secret key. All characters are valid, with a maximum length of 255 calculated by 'name + # + key'.


The comment field is required. GitHub flavoured markdown syntax for styling your text and code snippets is supported by default. Any character is valid with a maximum length of 4096 characters.

replying to others

Each comment has a unique 8 character alphanumeric id. It can be found on the top right of each comment card. The id can be used to create a link to a specific comment, allowing one to reply to other comments. In the comment field, type the @ symbol proceded by the id. eg. @a1b2c3d4


Any feedback, comments, questions, requests, or thoughts you may have can be submitted on the contact page. If you would like a reply, you may submit an optional email address along with your message. The email will only be used for the purpose of responding back to your message.