An ASCII animation interpreter for the terminal.

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Brett Robinson authored 5 years ago


An ASCII animation interpreter for the terminal.

asciimation plane example

Asciimation is like the flipbooks where one draws a single frame per page, and flips through it to create an animation.

asciimation simple example

The above asciimation is created from the following file contents:

x:10        # minimum terminal width
y:1         # minimum terminal height
BEGIN       # keyword to seperate headers from frames
octobanana  # the first frame
END         # keyword to seperate frames
OCTOBANANA  # the second frame

The interpreter reads from a plain text file. The start of the file contains the headers. The 'x' header is the minimum width of the terminal needed to properly display the animation, and 'y' is the height. The headers are optional, but the BEGIN line must be present. BEGIN tells the interpreter where to begin parsing the frames. Each frame is seperated by a newline with a special delimiter on it. The default delimiter is the word END.

While the above example uses a single line per frame, a frame is interpreted as anything inbetween the seperators.

See the examples folder for some ideas!



  • tested on linux
  • c++ 14 compiler
  • cmake


  • my parg library, for parsing cli args, included as ./src/parg.hh

The following shell commands will build the project:

1 2 3
git clone <repo_name>
cd <repo_name>
./ -r

To build the debug version, run the build script without the -r flag.


The following shell commands will install the project:

./ -r

Future Features

  • layering multiple frames as one
  • keyword for coloring frames
  • keyword for modulating the delay between frames
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